Student Council



Student Council 2005-06

Student Council is made up of 30 students. Presidents and Vice Presidents of each class are required to be in Student Council. All other members are by application

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The 2005-06 Student Council members are the following: Heather Bailey, Kerry Bashelor, Kelly Cavanaugh, Zak Christopher, Nicole Cook, Malia DeBoer, Josh Echtinaw, Ken Echtinaw, Nicole Havard, Kayla Lord, Rachel Nemmers, Kassy Parker, Lauren Parker, Lauren Penfold, Brad Oatman, Erin O’Brien, Kendra O’Brien, Nick Rempe, Brooke Schevink, Josie Sundberg, Bri Swartz, Danielle Upton, Ali Vandenbosch, Tyler Veneman, Michelle Walker, Brian Wilder, Kayla, Wilson, Heather Wunderink, Chelsea Yondo, Maddie Zych

The Student Council 2006-07 Officers are:

  • President - Heather Wunderink
  • Vice President - Ken Echtinaw
  • Secretary - Kendra O'Brien
  • Treasurer - Brad Oatman
  • Historian - Kayla Wilson


2005-06 Class Officers

Senior Class Officers:
President - Kelly Cavanaugh
Vice President - Heather Wunderink
Secretary - Kendra O'Brien
Treasurer - Kayla Wilson
Senior Reps - Nicole Cook, David Durkee, Leslie Buikema & Linda Ljujdjuraj
Advisors Mr. & Mrs. Durkee

Junior Class Officers:
President - Kassy Parker
Vice President - Alex Johnson
Secretary -
Treasurer - Brad Oatmen
Junior Reps - Mike Dunn, Kaylee Jones, Jessica Shelton
Advisors Mrs Kenyon & Mrs. Albertson

Sophomore Class Officers:
President - Maddie Zych
Vice President - Ethan Green
Secretary -Alex Sparkman
Treasurer - Brad Ahrens
Soph. Reps - Tyler Moederzoon, Kurt Rempe
Advisors Mr. Hilton & Ms. Rhoades

Freshman Class Officers:
President - Nicole Havard
Vice President - Chelsea Denton
Secretary - Sable Potter
Treasurer - Ben Thompson
Freshman Reps - Collin Donnelly, Amber Duryea, CHarlie Morris, Taylor Pagano
Advisors -

NHS Officers:
President - Leslie Boot
Vice President - Rachel Nemmers
Secretary -Cari Zourdos
Treasurer - Nicole Cook
Advisor - Mrs. Braat & Mrs. Koryto

FFA Officers:
President - Brady Fischer
Vice President - Kim Huisman
Secretary - Emily Scranton
Treasurer - Clint Steketee
Reporter - Morgan Warner
Sentinel - Katie Cavanaugh
Historian - Jessica Marion
Advisors Mr. Schut